Pico Park Speedrun

How do we measure how well we cope with a certain task? First of all, the crucial criteria is that the task is done. Secondly, we look at our performance and the quality of our work. But speed is also important. The faster you can deal with some sort of a problem the more time you will have to live a carefree life and the less impact this situation will have on you. It’s also true when we talk about puzzles. That’s why many games have leaderboards and various records showing how well and fast some of the players passed the level. And Pico Park is no exception!

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While most of the levels in this game has no time limits, some require you to do the job in a certain amount of time. And if you don’t manage to do it before the timer beeps, you’ll have to replay the level. Since Pico Park is a team game, that’s even harder to do because all the team members need to work seamlessly and do their part on time. How fast you were able to deal with the challenge will also affect your score in the Endless mode. Unlike the level mode, it only cares for the number of points you earn, so you need to maximize your performance to strive for new records.

One of the ways to increase your score is to pass the level in the shortest time possible. The quicker you are able to do it the more points you are going to get. Just don’t forget that you still need to make it to the key before you can exit the location. Without the key, you won’t be able to go through the exit door. So the first thing you need to focus on is grabbing the key and only then you can devote your time to perfecting your technique in a way that will allow you to make things even more efficiently and quickly.

Plus you should keep in mind that Pico Park is a game that is played in a team. So no matter how good your personal skills are, it must be the work of the whole squad to beat the level. And sometimes you’ll have to help players that are less agile and are new to the game. But that’s what friends are for, right? And for you to set the record, it should be set by the entire team. That’s where you understand the whole responsibility that lies on you in this seemingly unpretentious arcade. Try to pass Pico Park at the highest speed possible and see how many points you’ll be able to score!

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