Pico Park Mobile

Have you already heard about a new hot game called Pico Park? Now it’s also available on mobile devices! You can invite your friends or team up with people from all over the world and see how far you will get solving puzzles and passing levels that consist of them. The whole point of the game is cooperation – in order to deal with another set of challenges, the players need to act as one. In total, there can be up to 8 people participating in the game. Are you ready to begin?

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The mobile version is perfectly suited for smartphones and tablets. The controls are swiping and tapping – you need to swipe to guide your character in the desired direction and to tap for performing any sort of action, be it jumping or interacting with some object. And you’ll have to do a lot of it because every level consists of a bunch of elements and they can somehow help you reach the key. Sometimes you’ll have to make your way up a series of platforms, sometimes you’ll need to figure out how to hang down from them because the key hangs in the air, and sometimes you’ll have to build a man tower putting one character onto another to get to it. In any case, it’s going to be fun and there is a sufficient amount of challenge to keep the interest going.

One of the cool things about Pico Park mobile is that it’s not enough to just complete the sequence of actions needed to grab the key – you also need to figure out exactly how to do it. The game won’t give you any clues, so you’ll have to make it out on your own. You can even discuss what you are going to do with the other players because there is a built-in chat. Once you get hold of the key, things will get much easier. You’ll just have to make your way to the exit and proceed to another level.

However, sometimes there will also be additional obstacles that you have to overcome in your path. And it’s imperative that all the players do it because if somebody is left behind you won’t be able to pass through the door. You’ll have to return for them and make sure every last your team members makes it there. Good luck!

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