Pico Park

What makes a good friend? Of course, the ability and wish to help your friends when they are in trouble. By working together, people can achieve tremendous things that they couldn’t even thought of when they were on their own. And surely it’s always better to have a helping hand when you find yourself in a tough situation. Pico Park is a game that will test your teamwork skills as you are trying to get through a series of tricky levels together with your buddies!

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The game supports up to 8 players that can play simultaneously. Each is represented by a character of a certain color, so you can instantly tell who is who. Otherwise, the heroes look the same and it’s fun to watch them fuss, run and jump around the screen trying to solve another puzzle. Every level presents you with a new riddle that you have to solve. And moreover, you have to figure out exactly how to do it. The participants can talk in the chat – their messages will appear in the free space and will be written in big letters, so it’s easy to read them and you won’t skip any important peace of what any of the players have to say.

The main goal of every level is to reach the exit and get out of the location. Very often you will need a key for that and it will be waiting for you in a certain part of the map. Sometimes you will be able to see it immediately and then you only need to come up with some sort of a plan of how to get there. But sometimes you’ll also have to search for it and then your primary task will be to guess where the key could be hidden. In the process, you might be challenge to complete some other secondary objectives – for instance, to gather all the coins on the level before the time runs out or something of the sort.

The controls are really simple, you won’t have any trouble making your character run in the needed direction, jump or grab things. Even a small child will be able to understand what to do, so this game can be played by an entire family. It’s also a nice option when you want to spend some time with your friends, but for some reason you can’t get together physically. Then you can always have another Pico Park session which will definitely be a lot of fun. Besides, it’s kind of an exercise for your brain, so it’s not only entertaining but also useful. Try playing this wonderful team puzzle game online and see if you can cope with all the levels prepared for you by the developers!

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