Pico Park Online

Do you know how some games can be fun and annoying at the same time? You put so much effort into beating a particularly hard level, but it keeps slipping away from you. And when you’re just inches from victory, either the time runs out or you wind up dead. This is exactly what you will encounter playing Pico Park online! But you can’t stop yourself from trying because it’s really entertaining and even more so because you get to play it in a big and merry company!

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Your friends can both help you pass the level or get in your way. But you can’t leave anyone behind because you can only proceed to another location if all of the players reach the exit. So you have to return and pick up those lagging behind and come up with a way to solve another riddle that will be equally good for all the participants. So the first rule when you’re on a Pico Park team – don’t be a burden to your teammates, try to make your own contribution. You can discuss your ideas in the chat or you can try and act intuitively and chaotically which is also fun.

The levels may seem simple at first, with their unpretentious minimalistic design and only a few elements, but this is a false impression. Some of them are rather hard to deal with. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly you need to do here, but sometimes it’s just a matter of agility and reflexes. For instance, on one of the levels the only way to get hold of the key is to break the glass, and the only way to break the glass is to release a crazy bouncing ball. And before it gets into the target, it might repeatedly hit the players. So the goal is to dodge the ball and wait for it to do the thing. But if any of the participants gets hit, the level will restart. And the ball is bouncing at an increasingly higher speed, so everyone needs to watch out and move aside in time.

Some riddles require coordination to crack them. For example, there is a tube at the top of the screen from where a ball is falling out. And then it rolls along movable planks and drops to the floor. But the trick is to control the planks in such a way that will make it hit the button that will open access to the key. It can be done by jumping on other buttons controlling the planks. So each of the players needs to choose a button and do the jumping making sure the ball moves along the right trajectory. There are many other puzzles in Pico Park online. Start playing right now and have fun!

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