Pico Park 2

Pico Park is a new game that has instantly won the sympathy of thousands of players. First of all, because it’s a great puzzle game that really makes you rake your brains. And secondly, because you can invite your friends to share the fun. And even more, you can cooperate with random people from the internet that will be happy to join you on this great puzzle solving adventure! So what are some of the things that make Pico Park so enticing?

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First of all, the variety of tasks you need to handle in the game. You’ll be jumping between the platforms, pushing cubes and figuring out how to make the right number appear on them so that they can even be moved, swinging on elastic ropes over the abyss, hopping onto buttons trying to set an elaborate system of elements in motion and doing all kinds of other things some of which can be rather dangerous. Every level contains a different set of riddles and getting your brains around them is part of the process.

Besides, you need to do everything as a team. Most of the tasks include you working all together simultaneously. And that means all of your actions need to be perfectly timed and well coordinated to reach the necessary result. If you fail, you’ll have to start over. If one of the players dies, you’ll have to start over. If somebody falls behind, you’ll have to go back and help them. The levels can only be passed if all the players make it to the exit. And that means primary focus on teamwork which is the hallmark of Pico Park.

Aside from the basic mode that includes around fifty levels, there are also two other modes. One of them is the Endless mode. Its goal is to reach the highest score possible. And it’s not so important how many locations you were able to beat as how many points you were able to score. And if you’re tired of cooperating, you can always try the Battle Mode. It will set you up against your friends and you will be competing on who passes the trial first and with more points. Enjoy Pico Park 2 online and strive for better performance every time you play it!

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