Pico Park 2021

Remember the game with mice running around and hunting for cheese. And what will happen if you replace mice with cats, beautiful and juicy graphics with pixel art, and cheese with keys? Something interesting will come out, right? And this this is called Pico Park! This is an innovative puzzle game that can include up to 8 players on one map. But don’t think that you will pass the level faster with eight of you than just two. The game will take into account the number of players online and, depending on this, change the environment: either the key will be raised higher, or the abyss will be made bigger and so on. Are you willing to take up the challenge?

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Each level of Pico Park 2021 represents a different sets of tasks and there are four stages you have to pass before you can reach the final part of your route with the exit door. Most of the times they have something to do with object interaction. The location includes a set of elements that can be moved or pushed to make things work. Your goal is just to understand how to do it. And they may not always be obvious. That’s what makes Pico Park such an interesting game that always has something new and exciting to offer no matter how long you play it.

The important thing is how valuable the interaction of players is. You need to come up with a way to reach your goals working as a team. You must decide what to do, figure out a plan if you need it and complete it step by step. Things won’t go right every time and there will be moments when you’ll require more than a single attempt to pass the level. Try to look at it simply as having fun, not striving to show the best performance possible. And then playing this game will turn into a delightful experience you’ll want to repeat over and over again. Have a great time!

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