Pico Park 3

Who are these cute colorful kitties rushing around the screen? They are the characters of Pico Park 3 and you need to help them deal with a series of quite daring puzzles! The little cats went for a walk in what was claimed to be an amusement park. They imagined a lot of rides and ice cream. But it turned out to be a real trial they have to pass. Will you make sure every last of them gets to the exit?

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Consumable Controls

The tasks will be very versatile and sometimes difficult. For instance, you will have to destroy a wall of bricks with balls bouncing off the screen edges. Each of the players needs to hit the ball and direct it to a brick they want to break. But with one little catch – one ball must remain in the air or you will lose. This is an example of a puzzle that requires mostly your reflexes. But some of them will also require you to think logically.

On some levels you will see cubes with a number of them that changes. If you’re attentive enough, you will notice that these changes aren’t random. They correspond to the number of the players interacting with the cube at the moment. In such cases, your goal is to get the right number and then you will be able, for example, to move the cube so that you can get to the key.

Key is your main objective in Pico Park 3. You can’t leave the location until you find one even if you cleared your path to the exit door. So direct all of your energy into finding and getting it. Some levels are also time-limited, so you have to move quickly and make sure everything is done before the timer on your screen goes out. Based on your performance, you will also receive a certain number of points. In general, this is a fun and interesting game that will make your evening. Enjoy the latest version online and see if you can beat all the levels the game has in store for you!

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